Properly navigating the legal side of things is a must to protect you and your business:

You may want to retain us if you are:

Starting your business

Ask us about a flat fee package for your standard startup documents

Creating or changing your corporate structure

Including C corporations, S corporations, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships or limited liability companies organized under the laws of Georgia, Delaware or any other state.

Looking to own and protect your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property may include utility patents, design patents, trademarks, service marks, certification marks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing and other contractual rights and privacy and publicity rights.

Seeking advice concerning Georgia Tax Credits

If you are in the business of producing, or contributing to the production of, movies, audiovisual works for television, interactive media works, such as video games, or audio recordings, for mass market distribution, or live musical or theatrical performances intended for touring, moving your productions to Georgia may result in an increase in your income of as much as 30% of your expenditures.

About to acquire a business or are being acquired

If you are the buyer, ask us about extended due diligence and more extensive warranties. If you are the seller, ask us about pre-due diligence and other ways to limit personal exposure.

About to participate in creating or distributing any creative work

This may be your last chance to effectively protect your intellectual property rights.

About to begin, or are in the process of, negotiating contracts that are crucial to you

Effectively drafting and negotiating of contracts requires a combination of the skills needed to effectively program computers, play chess and play poker.

Adding employees and/or independent contractors

Feel free to ask is why you need agreements with your employees to assure ownership of needed intellectual property. the work for hire doctrine does not cover everything you need.

Needing due diligence in regards to Corporate/LLC structure, Intellectual Property, or Privacy Law Audit

It's usually much better to find out if you have a problem independently and when there is no time pressure for correcting it instead of in the midst of a transaction.

In need of drafting terms of use, privacy policies, or other internet related documentation

In the beginning it's usually better not to have any privacy policy at all than to have a generic one that may interfere with your eventual sale of the company. Also the terms of use are typically as important in determining the scope of the rights of privacy as is the privacy policy.

In the process of raising capital

Ordinarily, legal claims cannot be based on a failure to disclose. However, there are areas of law in which disclosures are mandated including the requirement that known side effects of pharmaceutical products be disclosed and that, in raising capital, all material facts be disclosed to investors.

If any of the above applies to you: